Last year Google kicked off the New Year with a major update to its toolbar and many of us who pay close attention to Pagerank were hoping for the same in 2011. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any Pagerank update and the last time we had a major update was almost 9 months ago (April 3, 2010).Google PageRank 2011

The big buzz lately is about Google losing exclusive rights to PageRank in 2011: The fact is Stanford University actually owns the patent to “PageRank”, and Google has exclusive licensing rights to it- but only until 2011.

Form 10-k (2009) filed with United States Securities and Exchange Commission

On page 15 it states in October 2003, we extended our exclusivity period to this patent through 2011, at which point our license will become non-exclusive. Read more…

There are rumors flying around like O’Hare airport about the update coming in the first week of the New Year, but again, it’s only rumors. I wouldn’t hold my breath as I think one day that little green bar will vanish altogether.

As I stated in previous Pagerank articles; there’s a possibility that Google may never update Pagerank again, because they’re focusing on more important things, such as improving search, Adsense, Google Earth, etc.

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