I am beginning to wonder if Google has decided to let this once popular metric (Pagerank) die a slow death. I know many SEO enthusiasts have disregarded the relevance of Pagerank for the last couple of years. Many SEO enthusiasts feel that PR is only good for selling links and flipping websites.Google Pagerank Dead

It has been more than 6 months since the last Pagerank was updated and this is by far one of the longest that I can remember. Has Google finally pulled the plug on Pagerank?

Google has really made many improvements with search and updates to their Google Webmaster Tools. These improvements, are by far more important for most, if not all SEO/SEM marketing professionals. There has been no official announcement that Google has strategically moved away from Pagerank, but it sure seems that way with the long delay between updates.

There’s a downside if Google discontinues Pagerank, and here are a few or more that come to mind;

  • Directories that emphasize do-follow will slowly turn into ghost towns.
  • Marketing firms that offer backlink services will have to change their offering.
  • Link selling will be the internet’s road kill.
  • Blog commenting will be less important for those who only do it for the purpose of gaining backlinks.

At least there’s one benefit for blog authors, comment spam could fall by the wayside and the quality of comments should improve.

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