There are few decent backlink tools, but none of them are very accurate, even the Google operator ( Google is making an attempt to improve back link analysis with an update to their Links to your site feature in Webmaster Tools on October 13. This update is a major improvement over its previous versions. I am sure Google will continue to tweak “Links to your site” in Webmaster Tools for better accuracy.

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The “Links to your site” feature in Webmaster Tools is now updated to show you which domains link the most to your site, in addition to other improvements. On the overview page you’ll notice that there are three main sections: the domains linking most to your site, the pages on your site with the most links, and a sampling of the anchor text external sites are using when they link to your site.

Links to your site

There’s a problem with non-www version and the www version. The non-www version is listed as linking to the www as if it were another site, and it is listed as if thousands of links are pointing to various URLs on the www version of the site.

I would love to see Google list Pagerank data of specific backlinks, and the ability to filter/sort based on Pagerank.

Read more about the “Links to your site” feature.

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