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Circuit City Is Back

Circuit City is born again, but its return policy for some PCs may leave a bitter taste for its customers. Port Washington, N.Y.-based Systemax Monday finalized its purchase of the defunct retailer’s trade names, domains...

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10 Lan Party Tips

Most of us may have been to a Lan party, playing games all night, eating junk food and drinking. We call them a Geekfest. Hostng a Lan party is a completely different animal. There are a lot of things you have to think about....

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Biggest Buzz of 2008

We started out in May 2008, but have blogged since mid 2007. Since May 2008 we have posted over 500 blogs with over 4100 comments. What will 2009 bring? We will work even harder to bring our fans and visitors the best in...

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Happy Birthday Mouse!

A former naval radar technician, Doug Englebart, directed the invention of the first computer mouse in the mid 60s at Stanford Research International (SRI). Englebart and Bill English worked together comparing various pointing...

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