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Next Google Pagerank Update

A few of my social friends reached out to me this past week and asked me when I think the next Google Pagerank will be. I told them that only Google knows when. Is it possible that Google may wait until New Years Eve like they...

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Google Pagerank RIP

I am beginning to wonder if Google has decided to let this once popular metric (Pagerank) die a slow death. I know many SEO enthusiasts have disregarded the relevance of Pagerank for the last couple of years. Many SEO...

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Google Pagerank Calculation

There are many webmasters that keep a close eye on Pagerank to measure the effectiveness of incoming links or backlinks to their website or blog. The biggest question is how many backlinks you need to move your Pagerank up. It’s...

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Free SEO Reporting Tool

It’s important as a web site owner to know how well your site is doing with SEO and traffic. There’s a free site called SEORUSH that can provide you enough information on how well your site is performing and identify...

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Link Juice is Good for You!

How often do you comment on blogs? Did you know this is a good practice for a couple of reasons? Quality comments can gain fans and or followers Do-Follow blogs provide backlinks (Great for Google PR) Do Follow is an action a...

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