There’s an email claiming to offer free credit reports. If the recipient clicks on the link in the email, it goes to ( This site is not authorized by the FTC as a credit reporting service. This site is a scam that is out to collect people’s personal information to be used for unlawful activities and possibly identity theft.

The domain is listed on several blacklists, including Spacequad AntiSpam Services.

The site also sneaks in charges when you sign up for free without the customers consent or knowledge. The site has a poor reputation by the Web of Trust community which can be viewed by visiting

Actual Email

From: (not related to the domain which makes it suspect as a scam)

Credit Report Phishing Scam

Don’t fall victim to these free credit report scams! There’s only one credit reporting site authorized by the FTC to provide such services in addition to the three reporting agencies and that’s Free Annual Credit Reports at

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