There’s an email (spam) purporting to be from a legitimate credit reporting service, claiming that there’s an error on your credit report that you need to fix. This is a scam that collects personal identifiable information that results in identity theft and can be used for illegal online and offline activity. Don’t open or click on any links from any email about Credit Reports, Errors, etc.Credit Report Error Notice Phishing Scam

Actual Email (All links removed)

Records indicate that there may be an error on your credit report. Errors on your report can have an adverse affect on your standing, so it is highly recommended that you use this link to check and fix errors on your report.

These errors will make it more difficult to be approved for credit, plus you end up paying higher insurance premiums. It can even affect your chances of landing a job so it should not be ignored.

The fastest and easiest way to check for errors and other problems is to click here.

If you would like to stop receiving these notices please use this link

Customer Service, 25379 Wayne Mills Pl. #355, Valencia, CA 91355

Only authorized credit reporting agencies can email you about a credit report error and only if you sign up for credit report notifications.