There’s an email, claiming to offer affordable mobile phones that directs recipients to a phishing web site that collects personal identifiable information to be used for unlawful activity and identity theft. The link to the malicious web site domain; ( is well known for spamming and phishing personal information. If you come across an email like the one I pictured below, mark it as spam and delete it immediately.

Affordable Mobile Phone Scam

The senders address ( is a relatively new domain (June 2011). Cyber crooks registered this domain in order to send out malicious emails in an attempt to steal personal information. It’s common practice for cyber crooks to register hundreds or even thousands of domains in order to get passed spam filters and firewalls. Once a domain is blocked or listed on many of the spam indexes, the cyber crooks will launch a new domain and web site.

These crooks will copy images and content from legitimate web sites to fool users in thinking it’s the real deal. Be careful about opening unsolicited email or clicking on any links inside the email.

Phishing schemes are used to gather confidential information about an organization or an individual in attempt to use that information illegally.

Be safe!