The world of affiliate marketing has grown by leaps and bounds. If you are thinking about making it rich in affiliate marketing there are some common mistakes you need to avoid if you want to maximize your chances of success.

  1. Don’t Quit Your Day Job Just Yet!

You can make serious money as an affiliate marketer but it takes time to build up your base of followers. The first step is creating a base of people who visit your website often and trust you. When you have that user base in place then you can monetize them, but until then, don’t quit your day job.

  1. Failing to Harvest Emails from Website Visitors

Come up with some type of freebie you can offer visitors so they will give you their email. This freebie could be an ebook or something of value. You need to get the email of the visitor(s) so you can contact them via an email marketing campaign.  This type of marketing is one of the best lead generation tips you could follow because it is relatively low cost but still produces great results.

  1. Make Sure Your Affiliate Relationship Matches Your Followers

In order to maximize profits the product(s) or service(s) you are promoting have to be interesting to the people who come to your website. If your site is dedicated to hunting then having an affiliate program that focuses on knitting may not give you the returns you want.

  1. Junk Content

You are so eager to make money that you write up content that is, to put it mildly, crap. Back in the day you could just use keyword stuffing and get traffic. The internet was just starting to gain traction but those days are long gone. Your visitors want and deserve insightful content so make sure that whatever you post on your site is top notch quality.

  1. No Product Reviews

Your website should provide useful product reviews on products that are relevant to your visitors. This establishes you as an authority in your niche.

  1. Relying Too Much on Google

Google is a great source of traffic but you need to be open to alternative channels like social media.

  1. Too Many Links

If you have too many affiliate links on your website it just looks “spammy”.

  1. Cloaking Affiliate Links

Your affiliate link should be cloaked so the reader doesn’t know it is an affiliate link. Just make sure it points to a product or service the viewer will find beneficial.

  1. Not Being Selective With Who You Affiliate With

You want to give off the impression that you represent quality so make sure you only affiliate yourself with reputable organizations.

  1. Promoting Junk for a Quick Buck

No one likes to be hustled, so don’t try to pawn off cheap junk in the hopes of making a quick buck. Promote nothing but quality.

  1. Getting Lazy

We all have lazy days but you need to keep the quality fresh so visitors keep coming back.

  1. Spamming Social Media

Don’t constantly post affiliate links on your social media accounts. Your contacts will just get irritated and block you.

  1. Not Caring About Your Visitors

If you meet the needs of your visitors then they will take care of you by purchasing the products and services they found through your website, but you need to show you care about them.