Instagram is actually an online social networking, picture-sharing, and video-sharing platform. Recent studies have reiterated the fact that Instagram today has far more engagement as compared to any other social networking sites. Instagram today is boasting 15 times more engagement as opposed to Facebook and even 20 times more engagement as compared to Twitter. Thus, you must regard Instagram as a vital and integral part of your social marketing strategy.

Today, this photo-sharing social media platform has actually taken the center-stage and so everybody including entities, marketers, celebrities, creative, and the general public seems to have embraced the platform. You are aware that humans have a natural inclination toward visuals and that could be a major factor in the rapid growth and phenomenal popularity of Instagram as a social media platform.

However, people are making some silly mistakes on Instagram so they are not able to leverage the platform and take the fullest advantage of the platform’s potential. Let us explore some of the most common mistakes.

Not Adopting Any Goal-Driven Strategy

Goals and objectives form the backbone or the foundation of the marketing strategies and plans for any business to achieve success. However, some businesses make the mistake of neglecting this aspect. But you must keep in mind that in case of Instagram marketing if you are not adopting goal-driven strategies, it would culminate in wasted opportunities and wasted endeavors. Remember that your Instagram marketing success depends primarily on a goal-driven marketing strategy.

You can narrate your story via pictures and video clips but you must not do it aimlessly and blindly. Know precisely what you want and accordingly develop a robust strategy around your chief objectives, goals, and aspirations.

For instance, you wish to effectively drive more and more traffic to the landing page, in such a situation, you must necessarily use persuasive photo captions and incorporate a CTA in your copy. Again, if you are trying to boost brand awareness, you must pay a lot of attention to your pictures. Remember you simply cannot sacrifice quality over quantity or anything else. Seek the expert assistance from IGERSLIKE for easy social media growth.

Putting Privacy Setting on Your Company Account

Having your videos and pictures set to private obviously makes absolutely no sense for your company accounts as your target audience and the general public must have access to your company account; only then you could boost engagement and gain more followers.

Moreover, there could be many individuals who may have an interest in the product or brand you are offering. If you set your Instagram account to private, those interested individuals would not be able to see your products and updates. This way, you are wasting your opportunities and restricting your growth on your own.

Your account must at all times be set to public for effectively reaching out to a wider audience and you never know that sky could be your limit in terms of gaining followers and favorite fans.

Using Random Pictures & Videos

You may be addicted to social networking but that does not give you the passport to post random meaningless pictures. You must always remember that this is primarily your business account and even though you wish to be social and active all the time, you must post pictures and videos with care and after some deliberation. If you share irrelevant pictures, you may be regarded as unprofessional. You must try and put a product or business-specific pictures and videos. However, you could be slightly personal at times to reveal the human side. But you must maintain a wonderful balance between your relevant posts and your random ones if any.

Using Low-Quality Images

As a business, if you wish to be successful, you must always appear professional to the extent possible. Remember on Instagram, your prospects would be evaluating your brand using many parameters. Keep in mind that the quality of the videos and photos you share on the social media platform speaks volumes about the quality of your services and products.

Do not forget that high-resolution pictures are definitely associated with professionalism, class, and quality. So stay away from low-quality images with poor resolutions.  Ensure that all your pictures are perfectly centered and sized correctly.

Not Bothering to Follow Your Followers

Smart marketing tip is to know your consumers as much as you can. When your fans start to follow you, you must respond positively by following them back. You do not need to communicate or comment on their personal accounts. By following your followers and fans, you could know your fans better, understand their psyche, and determine what all interest them. With this sort of powerful information, you are fueled adequately to grab their attention and cater to their unique needs.

Not Posting on a Consistent Basis

Remember consistency is critical to business success. Posting on blogs and social media platforms necessitates consistency. If you are consistently posting high-quality videos and pictures, you are becoming predictable. Followers and fans enjoy a predictable frequency. Quantity must never be mistaken for consistency. You cannot go on spamming or bombarding the feeds of your fans and followers with a whole lot of pictures every day. This may make your followers exasperated and definitely annoyed. They may consider unfollowing you. Post engaging, high-quality, and relevant content consistently but do not overdo anything.

Not Bothering To Engage With Your Target Audience

‘Engage and engage more’ is surely the mantra today, in this digital era. This is regarded as the most important Instagram marketing strategy. The greatest mistake that you could make is simply not engaging with your audience. Engaging implies connecting. The most effective way of connecting with your customer is by interacting actively with them. You must definitely respond if your target audience is asking questions or commenting on your Instagram posts.


Stay away from these common Instagram mistakes at all costs. Remember often simple mistakes could adversely impact your target audience and turn off prospects. Certain Instagram mistakes could be the leading cause of people unfollowing you on this platform. Avoid the above-discussed mistakes and closely follow top brands and see how they interact on the platform. You may draw some inspiration from them in terms of techniques that may work equally well with your brand.