The world of SEO has significantly changed over the years. And it’s continually evolving. As Google keeps updating its algorithms, SEO professionals align their SEO initiatives accordingly. Some of the standard SEO practices are no more functional today! Google hires excellent specialists around the globe so that its algorithms stay active. And on the other end of the spectrum, SEO specialists need to manage their websites according to the present algorithm updates.

SEO, therefore, can appear to be an ongoing war between the search engine and web design brands. Websites are forever trying to gain a competitive edge, to make it to the first page ranks. On the other hand, search engine aims to fine tune what they promote, to enhance search results. Being aware of trends that impact SEO is essential. You can always count on your SEO service provider for these insights. For instance, if you are in Singapore, visit SEO Singapore services listed online to reach out to an SEO agency of your choice.

However, discussed below are 11 trends that influence SEO today! You can read through these trends to arrive at smarter SEO strategies for your company or start-up website.

  1. Mobile search index

For those who are still wondering, Google mobile search index is functional now. Google realized that over 60% of online searches generate from mobile devices. Majority of us use Smartphone devices and search for books to food from our mobiles. Hence, it is essential for business owners and entrepreneurs to design their websites accordingly. Websites today should be responsive to the mobile screen.  Your site should be easily navigable on a mobile screen and desktop alike.

  1. The need to have high-quality, rich and original content

Content has always been the most critical aspect of SEO. But today high-quality, well-researched, unique, exciting and plagiarism free content has become a reality. The number of online business owners, brands and entrepreneurs has increased incrementally. And having a website is the first point of reference for your brand. With thousands of sites being active, only the ones with apt content and images make it to the top searches. No one wants to read jaded, replicated and boring content. Hence, a website with original content that effectively addresses audience queries and provides smart solutions will sustain in the long run.

  1. Topical relevance modifications

Search engines today try to provide content depending on searcher relevancy and intent. It has made SEO experts authenticate and evolve their approach for topic generation and keyword research to align keywords groups having a similar intention. Those days of one-page SEO and one keyword is history! Today, search engines interpret and analyze every distinctive query. Hence, topical relevance has become the basis of advanced and new age SEO strategy.

  1. A natural language flow

Mobile and voice searches have increased phenomenally over the past few years. Most people want content written in a natural, conversational tone. It has been a significant change over the years. And this has been altering the way we curate content, outline brands and also opt-in for paid ads. Content with a natural language flow connects with more customers. Nobody prefers verbose content anymore.

  1. Site caching gains importance

Today, search engines show search results that are relevant and provide an excellent user experience. Caching will enhance a website’s load time significantly. As a result, it will reduce bounce rates and improve ranking. A primary browser caching works just fine! However, it’s a smart move to dabble with AMP that will effectively deliver content from Google’s hosted cache domain.

  1. Optimize your website images

Today, image search is competitive than content search. Millennial prefer the hassle-free path when they’re searching for information. They would be happy to browse through an infographic than a website. When searching for anything online on the go, they use their mobile devices. The possibility of exploring an image is higher than a content link. It’s essential that you optimize the images Add original image in all the post.

  1. The post-click rankings

Today, Google RankBrain is considered to be the third most crucial signal for the organic search result. So post-click engagement metrics have become even more critical! So it’s essential to move beyond the pre-click optimization tasks and make sure that the user experience is excellent. That will generate better page views along with user interaction.

  1. High-quality answers

It’s people who are modifying Google usage. People aren’t just happy with data. They prefer to ask specific questions and want answers accordingly. Websites that cater to this requirement with rich answers will gain the top positions in SERP’s. Sites providing exact or close to correct answers will gain prominence.

  1. Counting on the multi-media experience

Content that has to compete with similar, average content is no more a reality! There have been significant developments in customers’ organic visibility when brands and companies offer remarkable, engaging and authentic articles along with multi-media. Every topic focuses on the target market. Today, SEO professionals are engaging in redirecting pages, collapsing sites and offering improved multi-media experiences.

  1. Website safety

Many websites have experienced positive outcome by integrating SSL to every web page! Search engines too are giving extra importance to website security. And if you are following the same, you’ll find search engine rewarding you for this. Check out the best practices and predetermined guidelines for the same and ensure complete website security.

  1. Intrusive interstitial penalties

Have you been keeping track of the latest Google updates? If yes, then you’ll know that the Intrusive Interstitial Penalties have been instrumental in reinstating a client strategy development process. Live chat option is one of the significant lead generator tactics today. When used well, it takes up a right amount of space. And this might flag an intrusive interstitial penalty, thereby bringing down SERP ranking. So keep in mind this aspect when you are designing your website.

Creating a robust SEO strategy is essential for the success of your online business. However, framing the right plan means to be aware of the trends that influence SEO. These are eleven trends that a B2B SEO Agency and online marketing experts consider essential. You can delve into each one of them and decide how to shape your SEO plan accordingly.