Exposing a criminal or an entire gang online comes with a big risk. You cannot just put your name on the web and start sharing your thoughts. There is no running away from the fact; criminals can easily chase you with the help of your IP address. So it is best to open an online discourse by staying anonymous. Technology has enabled us to get connected easily, but no one can deny the dangers it is also equipped with. Here are two things you need to know when exposing someone online:

You will create a Controversy in Town

Since you’re exposing a criminal around the corner, your blog or article will stir controversy. This means your piece of information will trend in the news, and you might also have to give an explanation for it. Now you will have the attention of the media, the authorities, and the people who have exposed. You can be dragged into it for a long time, and you will be inviting other kinds of dangers as well. You might also have to go to court again and again if the crime you have exposed is now being prosecuted, and you will have to deal with that as well. However, if your identity is hidden, it will be easy for you to escape cops and criminals at the same time. People who expose criminals and mafias online have to go through archaic procedures of police interrogation by the state. Staying anonymous makes sure that the crime gets exposed, and you don’t get to face any inconvenience.

You will be Trolled Online

Trolling is one of the worst kinds of criticism that one is entitled to over the internet. In severe cases, people often engage in anxiety and depression because of trolling. Not only does it tarnish your reputation, but it is equally damaging for self-confidence. Remember, it does not matter what the reputation of the person or group you are exposing is; you will find people on the internet who will strongly disagree with you. They will show anger towards you and might even start accusing you of the crime. They will find all the ways to troll you, and it will be very hard for you to go through that. So it is best to expose a criminal anonymously over the web instead of coming in the public eye.

You will be Harassed

Once the story is out, and people know you are the one who has exposed these criminals, you can face different kinds of harassments. People who are the followers or friends of the accused will bad mouth you and may stalk or harass you as well. Even the criminal themselves can come back at you and will ask you to change your story. And that is not even the end of it! You might start getting journalists at your doorsteps looking for more information. All this hassle can be avoided if you expose the crime anonymously.

Your Can Danger Your Life

When the truth comes out in society, people don’t take it well. If you are exposing someone online is one thing, but exposing dangerous criminals, not only are you putting your own life at risk, but you are putting the life of your loved ones at risk as well. If you are going after something big like a gang, drugs, or violence-related crime, then you must remain under anonymity.

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