To succeed in the business front on Instagram, you might be of the opinion that to focus all your energy on creating good photographs. You might think about travel snaps, filtered selfies of your products, static photos of products against amazing backgrounds and more. However, do you know that Instagram has a very bright future for business videos as well? It is high time for you to start focusing on making these videos and using them for social media marketing on this platform. Instagram has a very bright future for videos, and you should make the best of it now!

Videos are now the future of social media marketing

In the recent years, you have seen a rise of videos that have made their forays onto the Internet. People now prefer to watch videos over content and photographs. It has been estimated that by 2019 social media video content will be the most driving element for search engine traffic in the United States. The figures that are hitting the market are encouraging. The number of videos that are daily viewed on Facebook equals YouTube today. There are more than 3 billion users that share videos every month, and it is estimated that search engine traffic will 85% be derived from videos alone!

Stay ahead in the competition

It is evident from the above that video content is rising and it is crucial for you to stay ahead in the competition. The popularity of video content is growing day by day and so if you wish to make the best use of marketing on Instagram today get prepared to focus on video marketing for attracting better-targeted traffic and more lead conversions.

Video marketing to the beginner might seem daunting however with the aid of the following tips; you can make effective videos on Instagram and convert leads into sales-

  1. Keep your business videos short- If you check the videos on YouTube, you will find that most of them are 5-10 minutes. However, Instagram is a very different social media platform. If you wish to catch the attention of your audience, you should make videos that are at least 30 seconds to 1-minute long. This means you should think out of the box so that people quickly share your video while they are scrolling down their news feeds. In this way, you can also increase your Like4Like numbers!
  2. Grab attention with your video- Your video should be eye-catching so that you can grab attention with it. The video you create must be bright and meaningful so that your viewers are compelled to pause and watch. Every video you create must have an aim. The way you create your video will depend upon this. Therefore, before you make your video consider whether you are promoting the product or do you just wish to display your new products to the targeted audience. Videos can also be made to update your Instagram followers on any forthcoming event or just connecting with your followers on a one-to-one basis. No matter whatever the reason is your video should stand out in the crowd and appeal to people. The nature of the video is such when people scroll down their newsfeed they will be able to understand as to what your video is all about. If your video grabs their attention, they will stop to share it.
  3. Visuals of your video should do the talking– When you are making videos for Instagram, do not clutter your video with unwanted text. The text you have should be mentioned in the caption. Like all your photographs, it is crucial for you to communicate with your audience with your videos. Keep text to the minimum and allow the visuals of your video to speak. In case, you wish to include information to your video; you may include a link to it. The ideal place for placing the link to the information of your video is in its caption. If the viewer likes your video, he or she will want to know more and can refer to the link that you share.

Use high-quality visuals in your videos

When you are making videos for Instagram, ensure you include all your best photos in the video. The video should look professional and polished when it appears on the newsfeed of your followers. Try to use videos in the Instagram Stories so that people can see them at the top of their feeds and share them instantly among their network.

Therefore, from the above, it is evident that Instagram videos are here to stay and rule. If you have not started video marketing as yet, it is prudent to start now. This will mostly help you to connect with the audience and get noticed fast!