Corporate video posted in Vlogs sell like hot cakes! But the issue that requires constant attention is that Video posts can only give desirable outcomes if three things are kept in mind: choosing the right corporate video, Vlogging it properly and sharing it across social platforms.  Thus, if these steps are followed with utmost professionalism then the outcome will certainly be rewarding.How to Create and Share Video Posts

Choosing the video

Whether it is a video footage that has been picked up from YouTube and any such responsive platforms or a homemade video, what becomes the crucial issue is its quality. Therefore, one must be certain that the corporate video must have fairly sound resolution which makes it free from grains and jerks.  Next important thing is the subject of the video, which must be enticing enough to attract viewer attention.  But it is equally important to keep in mind that it should be comprehensive and short, or else people will lose interest in it.

Creating blog post of the video

After the video has been prepared or picked up from interactive sites, the next important this is to post it in a blog. This can either be done though a user’s personal page on a popular social network or a dedicated blog or site.  It is mandatory that the blogger must create a short summary that explains the subject and purpose of the video. This will be a handy measure for the traffic that gets attracted towards that corporate video as the explanatory notes will help them realize that they have landed in the page they have been searching for. This will help in greater traffic activity in the Vlog and boost in search engine ranking.

Sharing through reliable platform

Once a vlog has been created and its embedded links have been posted in a site, matters simply do not end with sharing it. It will fail to achieve the desired search engine output unless sharing has been done wisely. Therefore, the wisest way to post and share a corporate video and its related contents is a social network where the blogger already has a community of known people. Asking them to link and share the vlog can be easier. However, those who have already done Vlogging through an independent platform like Weebly, WordPress or Blogspot can do a slightly different thing. They can share the link of the vlog in their social networking sites so that the known traffic automatically gets diverted to the Vlogging site and helps in expansion of online traffic.

Author Bio: I am Francis Boyle, a research analyst at a video production firm in London. As a part of my job, I often have to do a lot of research about various products and services. I write blog posts related to ereader reviews.