This is becoming a big problem and it’s time that Facebook step up and moderate what Apps are shared on their network. Facebook and its 600 million plus users is the perfect playground for cyber criminals to spread their malicious viruses, Trojans and Malware. The problem is users are receiving shares from friends who are unaware that the app (application) there sharing contains malicious data.

The latest app comes in the form of a “Free Gift” or “Surprise” and this app drops a Trojan on the user’s machine that launches a very nasty virus called “System Tool 2011.” If you are one of the unlucky people that got this bad boy, you are in for a lot of grief trying to remove it from your computer, but no worries, I have you covered.

It’s important that even when your friends share apps with you, don’t assume they know it’s safe. Don’t be the guinea pig, let other users allow the app and if enough time passes with no negative feedback, than I would try it out, but be careful!

Facebook Trojan Spreads Rapidly

How to Remove System Tool 2011

SystemTool is a rogue anti-spyware program that’s distributed via a Trojan and/or web pop-ups. The program is installed without the user’s knowledge. To remove this parasite, please follow the link below.

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