As you all know Google just released its Google Instant search which accelerates search results as you type keyword terms into the Google search box. However, not all suggestive searches are safe. PandaLabs reported yesterday that when a user is searching for antivirus and they enter the first 4 characters – “ANTI”, Google Instant suggests sites that sell rogue anti-virus such as Antivir Solution Pro.

As of today, Google hasn’t corrected this issue (Pictured below). This has been an ongoing problem because Black Hat SEO campaigns query Google’s trending topic s automatically and Google Instant will be suggesting those trending phrases. This has been an ongoing problem for a long time. Rogue software is increasing each day and the authors of such products are making millions of dollars.

Google Instant Blackhat SEO

Google needs to protect users by eliminating these Black Hat tactics that are utilized by cyber criminals to pawn their fake and rogue software for profit.

Note: The arrows point to sponsored ads, but the point of this article is that Antivir Solution Pro is being suggested, which is a rogue anti-virus product.

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