There’s an email purporting to be from American Express, claiming that during a recent scheduled account maintenance procedure that customers’ need to update their contact information. This is a phishing scam and if the recipient clicks on the link inside the email, they will be taken to a phishing web site that collects personal identifiable information which will be used for criminal activity and or identity theft.

If you come across this type of email, you should mark it as spam and or delete immediately. Cyber criminals are crafty and will repurpose content and logos from the legitimate web site to fool visitors into thinking they’re at the real American Express site.

Actual Email

American Express Notification Phishing Scam


There’s one other thing to note, cyber criminals own many domains and if a web site gets blocked by Google and or other search engines, the cyber crooks will launch a new one immediately.

I am not an American Express customer so that immediately raised a red flag.