There are a growing number of cold telephone calls to users from a company known as Support on Click who are based in India and are reaching out across the globe with their scam calls.

Currently, they have setup operations in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia and are quite aggressive in their approach.

They usually inform the customer that they have been recommended by their ISP and they work alongside them to provide support by means of remote access.

They attempt to use ‘scare tactics’ in a bid to get users to sign up for their ‘computer repair’ service with statements along the line of they already know that the users computer is infected with malware and would be damaged beyond repair unless the user signs up and allows Support On Click to ‘fix’ the non-existent problem.

The calls are completely fraudulent and this company has no idea of what is or is not on a users PC.

I have had calls from these and listened to their rubbish. Now, they even stated that they could repair a PC via remote access when it had lost its internet connectivity! Now, that would be a real bonus wouldn’t it?

I use remote access to fix computers, but I need an active internet connection to do so at both ends.

Interestingly, the company’s affiliated partner is none other than PC Security Shield, better known as The Shield Deluxe 2009, which is a known fake rogue application that will also scam users.

Scams are not limited to the internet, they now also use VoIP, landlines and cell phones to phish for user’s personally identifiable information (PII) and credit card details which will lead to Identity Theft and Fraud.

Computer security is an essential component and all users should ensure that their firewall, antivirus and antispyware are updated and all Operating System patches applied.

Good security does not need to be complicated or expensive as a many of these are free to home users.

One simple tool that I always advocate is the Web of Trust add-on for Internet Explorer and Firefox, which can be customized to suit your needs and also warn you of many dangerous, malicious and fake sites.