Timeshare scams have taken over extended auto warranties. In fact, the scam is so easy to expose and I will reveal that in this article. Why would anyone buy a timeshare when Airbnb has been the choice for most vacationers?

Florida leads the charge with timeshare resellers making promises that they can sell your timeshare which is not true. They will never sell your timeshare and all of these companies state that the advertising fee is only that and they only make money when your property sells. This again is another lie!

Timeshare resellers are crooks and nothing less. They charge exorbitant amount of money to advertise your timeshare property by telling you that they will run ad campaigns on Google and Facebook which again is not true. You can expose these timeshare companies by asking for an example of a live ad or ask them to share proof of advertising on these social media sites along with the money being invested from the ad fee you paid. Good luck with that!

How can I sell my timeshare?

It’s almost impossible to sell a timeshare today because of the maintenance fees, cost to own a timeshare and all the other expenses that come with timeshares. Your best bet is to give it away or find a company that has a low cost to advertise your timeshare utilizing social media and bulletin boards. Most timeshare resellers charge anywhere from $1,499 to $3,598 and do nothing but place a link on some web page that gets little to no traffic.

Many timeshare resellers will change their DBA (Doing Business As) because the former DBA reputation and rating is poor. They constantly change business names to start fresh with no bad reviews or complaints which can be found on the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services web site. All timeshare resellers must be license in order to perform telemarketing sales. You can do a license lookup to see how many complaints the reseller company has received.

Avoid these timeshare resellers

  1. Coastal Marketing now called ArcPro Marketing in South Daytona Beach
  2. ATI Acquisitions, LLC
  3. Timeshares By Owner of Daytona
  4. Fair Market Services
  5. Resort Equity Now, Inc
  6. World Timeshare Now
  7. Resort Access Network
  8. Timeshare Liberty Tower LLC
  9. Premium Event Solutions
  10. AM Sunstate

How can I file a complaint?

If you feel you were a victim of a timeshare scam, you can visit the Florida Attorney General. To file a complaint visit the Consumer Protection Division.

How can I Recover my money?

You can also reach out to WeSellYourVacationProperty.com to assist you in the recovery of your money. In order to recover your money, you used a credit card, not a debit card or check. You must still be with the same banking institution. They do charge a fee for this service and in your best interest it’s best to let a professional financial advisor assist you in the recovery process.

Consumers who are considering conducting business with a timeshare reseller or recovery company should research the company by searching MyFloridaLegal.com for any investigations into that company and/or through the Attorney General’s fraud hotline, toll-free in Florida 1-866-9-NO-SCAM or outside Florida (850) 414-3990.