There’s an email purporting to be from Apple. Like many scams, these online crooks try to use brands people are very familiar with like Apple, PayPal, etc. In this scam the email subject states “Your Apple ID has been locked.” When you open the email, it reads;

We Detect your account login from unknown device and for your safety your account automatically locked. 

Please verify your identity today or your account will be disabled due to concerns we have for the safety and integrity of the Apple Community.
Go to 
Here to verify your account. 


When you click on the link it will ask you to enter personal identifiable data to be used to empty out you bank account and or steal your identity. The scam is rather easy to detect just by looking at two things inside this scam email.

  1. From address is not from but has apple in the name. The email address is fake and used to fool you into thinking it’s from Apple.
  2. The link inside the email does not go to The address instead is

The good news at the time this article went live the link is no longer working. This doesn’t mean the scammers are done. They can just launch another website and send out emails to thousands or even millions of recipients.

Whenever you receive an email from a brand you know and have done business with, always check the from address and mouse over links to see if it comes from the brands domain like

In this day and age with all the scams, it’s important to take your online safety seriously! If you want to learn more about online security, visit our Security category to read about the latest tips and the latest scams roaming online every day.