There’s an email (spam) purporting to be from Southwest Airlines, claiming to giveaway free airline tickets. This site is not connected in any way with Southwest Airlines.

In order to receive these so-called free tickets, you must complete a number of purchases and applications, and like all scams, good luck in receiving any airline tickets. This is a data mining operation using the name of a reliable and trusted airline to gain your trust.Southwest Airlines Free Ticket Scam

Read the terms and conditions BEFORE entering any personally identifiable information–you will be amazed at the long list of requirements, including applying for credit cards, applying for credit reports, and the like, all of which eventually cost the applicant and supply spear phishing information for the sponsor of the site.

The web site ( is a scam and has a poor reputation rating from the Web of Trust community.

Other illegal activity by this domain

  • Email & Personal Data Harvesting (your data is sold to advertisers)
  • Targeted Online Advertising: Browser Exploit, Tracking & Redirection
  • Possible Illegal Phishing/ID Theft Scams (associated sites).

If you receive any email as described above, you should delete it immediately and take no other action. Do not become their next victim.

The current website is not reachable, but don’t be fooled, these scammers will launch a new campaign pointing at a new domain.