So, you are thinking of starting your e-commerce venture on the leading CMS i.e. WordPress? Have you cross-checked the essential security guidelines for the same? If your answer is no, you essentially need to go through this post at the earliest!

You probably won’t like your website being blacklisted by Google just because it contained malware or due to any phishing activity. Hence, you need to ensure that your website is fulfilling all the security compliances as per the 2019 security trends.

Slight negligence could be the reason for a negative impact on your audience, which would further affect your business revenues. It is always great to prevent these issues rather you find an optimum way to fix the same in the near future.

Here we are sharing a guideline that would help in ensuring adequate security for your WordPress website.

The Importance of Ensuring Adequate Security for Your Website

You may be wondering why WordPress being the most reliable CMS isn’t secure and the need to take proper security measures. Well, there are unauthorized people out there that are always on a hunt for a chance when they can steal information from your website.

For instance, a hacker could steal personal and confidential details of users like banking details and passwords by injecting malware in your website. Thus; it is necessarily important for you to take the right measures that contribute to enhancing the overall security for your website.

Just in case you are about to launch an e-commerce website based on WordPress, you need to be a little more alert regarding the threats that can impact your brand repute. Engaging users could be quite challenging if your website’s market repute isn’t that good as your competitor’s.

Here are the measures that you can follow to enhance the security of your WordPress website:

# Timely Updating Your Website

Most of the developers that aren’t actually aware of the importance of updating their website face critical issues related to the security of their website. You should always keep in mind that WordPress is an open source platform that is frequently updated with the elements that improve security and prevents miscellaneous attacks from unauthorized professionals.

As per the security experts, one should never miss an update for WordPress, which actually protects your website’s content and ensures proper security to the users. Furthermore, the stability of your website entirely depends on the updates that you install, which shouldn’t be ignored at any cost.

Just go to your WordPress dashboard and click on updates page where you would see the available updates by clicking on the check button. You would also get a notification regarding the available updates once there is an update available.

# Prefer a Strong Password and Enable User Permissions

You never know when hackers could guess your password or use some simple logical tricks to crack the same! It is thus important for you to enable a strong password that can’t be easily guessed or cracked. By ensuring a strong password, we not only mean that you should keep the same for WordPress itself; your hosting’s password shouldn’t be missed!

You can use advanced permissions in WordPress that again contributes to decreasing the chances of any threat to your website. It always recommended that you should prefer enabling the same while you are creating a login panel for your users. As per the developers, one should explore the internet and find some relevant stuff that can be quite useful for them from the security point of view.

# Use Adequate Security Plugins

There are plugins that enhance the security of your website and can eventually help you in monitoring the activities of the users. It is advised that you should prefer installing the same on your website. You can check the reviews in advance and the feedback that would help in picking the optimum plugin for your business website’s security.

As discussed earlier, you have to make sure your WordPress is updated to the latest version and make sure that you don’t miss any plugin also! Updating your plugins is also crucial when you are expecting out of the box performance and proper safety of your data and user’s information.

Furthermore, there are plugins that can offer you two-way authentication that could be quite beneficial when you are about to launch your e-commerce platform. Apart from this, the two-way authentication could be quite beneficial for building trust over your potential clients when you are expecting a good response from the market.

# Purchase a Secure Hosting

You can’t just rely on your WordPress security when there are things that can affect your website’s critical data! Yes, we are talking about the website’s hosting services that could be a real culprit in degrading the website’s performance or leaving any chance for a potential threat.

The webserver-level security is important for your website and is offered by your host in order to protect your website from spam, unauthorized access, and unnecessary crashing of your website. You can consult your hosting service provider for the same if you aren’t sure about the same.

A multi-layer architecture plays a crucial role in maintaining the adequate security that you can’t expect from any ordinary hosting. This is perhaps the reason you should explore the market and find the right hosting services that could be the best option for your WordPress website.

# Using HTTPS Encryption

To improve your WordPress security, you strictly need to rely on SSL Certification. This is a great mechanism that lets the web browser to connect with the website with adequate encryption. For the ones that are accepting online payments: you just can’t ensure payment security and build trust without selecting SSL security.

Using HTTPS in your website enhances trustworthiness in your website when it comes to building trust over the potential clients. This means that the website with adequate security layer would be preferred over the ones that lack in the same.

Final Verdict

The above-mentioned ways surely contribute to improving the overall security of your website and you can expect better client engagement with these strategies. There is no point you can ignore the safety of the personal details of your audience especially if you are about to build an e-commerce platform for better revenues.

Author Bio: Liza Kosh is known for her tremendous contribution as a senior writer who loves to share her views on topics covering upcoming technology and the market trends. She is currently associated with a WordPress development company based in the USA as a content strategist. You can connect with her on Twitter.