Search engines understand quite well the need of the user who asked for a particular request. The answer to the information requests “How to choose …?” and “What is …?” Is often text information. If we talk about commercial inquiries, for example, “Buy iPhone X”, then the main task of the search engine is to find sites where you can buy a new iPhone. Writing SEO friendly content is and should be at the top of your digital marketing strategy!

Constant development of ranking algorithms (in particular, taking into account user behavior) allowed search engines to evaluate the relevance of the site / page, even without taking into account the texts. They understand the purpose of the page, based on its content.

Therefore, it is not necessary for commercial sites, especially online stores, to have SEO texts in order to rank high. Sometimes it is enough to have basic optimization and relevant products with the ability to compare and buy goods in order to be in leading positions on competitive inquiries. You can order professional blog posts and other optimized texts with a professional writing service e.g. Smart Writing Service, which will hone optimization according to your request and the principles listed below.

5 Tips for Writing SEO Friendly Content

Check on Basic Requirements

SEO articles are something that should simultaneously attract the attention of visitors and search engines. For this you need to comply with the requirements for SEO texts in terms of influence on the behavioral factors of the site.

If everything is in order with these indicators, search engines will be able to draw the appropriate conclusions and raise the useful website higher in the search results.

a) The usefulness of the text. You need to write SEO text in such a way that it contains a minimum of water, a maximum of specific information and it fully corresponds to the main query and the title of the article.

b) The relevance of the content. It is important to write SEO text based on fresh information that is relevant today, and not data from 5 years ago.

c) The uniqueness of information. The visitor must understand that before him is really unique text, which he has never met.

d) Expertise. Writing SEO articles is necessary so that the reader believes in the author’s exceptional knowledge in the areas related to their topics. You also need to use statistical data, tables, lists, charts and other ways of structuring information. Useful thematic terminology will be useful. But all this should be in moderation in order not to overload the reader.

Forget About Texts for Machines

Writing SEO texts for a site should not be associated with the process of mixing and submitting monotonous dry information. It is recommended to conduct a dialogue with the reader (if it is relevant in the context of the topic of the article), which will facilitate its involvement in the material provided.

Say No to Overloaded Texts

There is no recommendation how many keywords should be on the page. However, the text of both the landing page and the blog should be easy to read, and the keys should be taken as self-explanatory phrases. Important for the search engine robot and affecting the position of the page are considered tags Title, H1 and Description. The title of the page (Title) prompts the robot to the content of the page and its relevance to the search query. In addition, an ordinary Internet user navigates to the site by reading the title and description of the page in the results of the issue – a snippet. Therefore, be careful to fill in the meta tags:

Original Is not the Same as Unique

Have you already heard that search engines love unique content and therefore copy-paste from other sites is not good? So, this is partly not true. Unique content can be obtained in rude ways – synonymizing, cheap rewriting of existing content. Technically, the text will be 90% + unique, but Google will not allow such content to come close to the top 30.

The Google Help does not require unique, but original content. That is, where the topic is maximally fully developed, there is something new that distinguishes your text from a million others on the network. There is a copyright experience that Googlebot distinguishes. Therefore, an author with a unique experience is harder and more expensive to find than stockbrokers who are ready to rewrite text on any subject, although they themselves do not understand it at all.

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