Most businesses, restaurants, stores and private practices have their own websites now. It is apparently easy as day to get your own website up and running within a couple of hours. Look around you! There is a website for literally every kind of product, service, and business. Even the niche indie shops in lesser-known neighborhoods have their own online sites running. The difference between a great website, which rakes in profit, and a website that costs the company money lies in visibility. Aside from being visible, sites need to be appealing in many ways for people to take a company seriously. Whether it is in real life or the online world, you just have to dress to impress! Here’s the Top 5 features of a good WordPress site.

Start looking for relevant themes

Whether it is a website for a professional football player, a dentist, a teacher, a business consulting group, a corporate tech company or a small business, the site has to look every bit in sync with the company. Your website should be good looking and easy to navigate. There should be actionable information on it, in an easily visible format. Most importantly, your theme needs to be responsive.

WordPress offers a great collection of themes for every possible business, practice and professional. Each theme comes with myriads of color options and layout options. The inherent responsive nature of their themes is a great way to ensure that Google always loves your site. In fact, WordPress also assures that almost all their stock themes are SEO friendly, to begin with.

Build trust

Simple aspects of website design like colors and typography can affect the mood and emotions of human beings using your site. Typography can represent a particular brand. There are quite a few brands who have patented their own brand type fonts and colors.

It is the human psychology to glance through a collection of texts and assume the trustworthiness from the way the font looks. For example – people trust companies that use Helvetica and Baskerville. The same group of people also trusts the brands that use Times New Roman and Comic Sans much lesser.

Blue is one color that surely has a calming effect on the human mind and body. Therefore, many consultancy websites use blue in combination with hints of yellow, to instill a warm calmness in their visitors. Most food websites use green to inspire a feeling of freshness and orange for sparking the imagination and whetting the appetite.

Offer validation

Customers often trust the opinion and review of fellow customers on any seller site or third-party review site. Over 84% of the potential buyers will trust reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends and family. You need to be prepared for this day!

While designing your website, always make space for reviews and testimonials. You can request your past clients and customers to mention a few honest words. Even most serious law firm websites and business consultancy websites have reviews for the same reason.

Having a URL is not enough. You need a physical address on your website. Once the visitors lay their eyes on your address, they automatically relate it with actual availability. Having a location marker like Google Maps integration with your store/office location on it can help you garner more trust and loyalty from your potential clients. Do not forget to include your office number as well!

Leverage your blog

Blogs are one of the prominent assets of any WordPress site. Each template comes with a blog option or features that support blog functionalities. There are very few features of a website that are as powerful as blogs when it comes to SEO.

Blogs open new windows of opportunity for keyword strategies, trending content strategies, backlinking, internal linking and building outbound links. WordPress offers a plethora of different blog layouts. These are light, and they do not weigh the main website down.

Pay attention to your CTA

Your Call to Actions on the website is going to be the most underrated yet critical aspect governing the conversion rate. No matter what kind of a theme you choose and what color layouts you pick, ensure that your CTAs are visible.

CTA can mean the “Sign Up” button, the “Subscription” button, the “Buy” button or even a “Donate” button. It will require little creative thinking, a smart choice of colors and an excellent graphic designer on your team.

WordPress gives every level of designer, thinker and website developer the chance to create a unique website for any company or business, with all the functionalities. However, it is the choice and discretion of the website building team to include these essential features to maintain high visibility in the market.

Author bio: Robert Philip is a digital marketer. He has been around for almost a decade. His work in digital design that influences SEO has brought many smaller businesses and indie companies to light.