There are many webmasters that keep a close eye on Pagerank to measure the effectiveness of incoming links or backlinks to their website or blog. The biggest question is how many backlinks you need to move your Pagerank up. It’s not only the amount of backlinks, but the quality of those backlinks.

Each Pagerank level is worth 5.14 times the previous level. In simple terms, a PR3 link is worth 5.14 PR2 links, a PR7 link is worth 5.14 PR6 links, and so on. It seems like a long climb to the top and for good reason, you have to work hard at it to achieve results.

If you are trying to build backlinks, it’s best to target pages that have a high Pagerank. Instead of getting 10 potential PR4 links, versus two PR6 link, it’s smarter and more efficient to spend time in getting backlinks from a PR6 website as it is worth 5 x 5 = 25 PR4 links. It’s not easy getting backlinks from websites that have a PR 6 and higher. You really have to be committed when launching a link campaign in order to improve your overall Pagerank.

Chart and actual calculation provided by Ted Ives – Vice President of Product Management at The Search Agency.

It sure is a huge climb between PR5 and a PR6, but it’s one that can be accomplished with time. There’s one other thing you should know, If a website linking into your website falls in Pagerank, so does the link value.

Here’s a list of dofollow blogs with a PR 5 or higher: 6 6 6 6 5 5 5

Happy link building!