In the last couple of weeks, there’s been a buzz about Google making changes to their algorithm that will ultimately have a direct effect on search results. This change by Google will reduce the level of low-quality, non-useful content from search results. According to Google, approximately 11.8% of search queries have been updated, which largely affects the top two or three results.Google Search Changes

Any site that re-purposes content from the original author will see a decline in traffic from search. This change by Google will reward the original content provider and punish those who re-purpose other peoples content with little or no changes. These sites that copy and use content from other sources are considered content farms.

There’s still a lot more changes to come from Google and sites that have low-value content, copied content or non-useful content will no longer be on top of the search food chain so to speak.

In the last week, I noticed a substantial increase in traffic from search and that makes me one happy camper.

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