Back in September 2009, I published an article called “Auto Blogs are Unethical and Downright Wrong” and apparently Google feels the same as I do about content farms. These content farms are blogs that re-purpose content without permission from the original author.

Google’s official blog stated the following;

“The next Google algorithm update will focus on cleaning content farms from positions of unfair advantage in our index. This will likely affect websites with considerable content copied from other online sources. Once this update is complete, preference will be given to the originators of content. We expect this to be in effect in no less than 60 days.”

Read the entire article: Farms and Auto Blogging Beware!

The effect is that searchers are more likely to see the sites that wrote the original content rather than a site that scraped or copied the original site’s content.

Why copy other peoples content? Good question and I love answering myself, but here’s one reason why site owners do this.

These content thieves use auto blogging software to crawl other websites and blogs for content based on certain keywords and re-publish the content on their own site. The purpose of this is to build content so that the copycat site can rank high in search queries on Google. Once they have established a good ranking in search, they then sell the site for profit. is a site where you can buy and sell blogs and if you explore the site, you will notice many sellers indicate that the site their selling is an auto-blog. There’s nothing wrong with what Flippa is doing, it’s the content thieves that are to blame for building content farms.

I am very happy that Google is taking action, but like all changes, let’s hope there are not too many false positives that could hurt some sites that aren’t content farms.