Since its initial release, WordPress has received widespread acclaim and the best CMS solutions platform globally. As of 2019, by Hosting Tribunal’s statistics, the platform is responsible for powering 34% of the entire internet. This makes it the most popular business of its ind by far. WordPress Best CMS platform hands down!

It’s worth pointing out that WordPress doesn’t lean on a cornered market to attract users. In reality, there are plenty of options out there when a business is looking for CMS solutions. Instead, WordPress offers a genuine quality to users that often aren’t afforded to them by the competition. WordPress is still the best in CMS solutions.

These specific differences are key comparisons when choosing which CMS solution your company is going to work with. These points are just a few of the reasons that WordPress users dominate the internet and the company has become as acclaimed as it has today.

Ease of Use

One of the biggest draws to WordPress is how easy it is to get started on the platform. It’s accessible to both the complete beginner and a professional. It’s also popular enough that any business can have their pick of a WordPress website design company to help them elevate their site to the next level.

This is thanks to both the easy-to-use interface and an abundance of reference materials available. There are plenty of tutorials and tools that new users can use to ease the learning curve.

Availability of Plugins

One of the main features that WordPress boasts is its high availability of plugins. These are both released by WordPress and created but other users. In addition, users have access to other add-ons like themes and widgets.

With this many add-ons, the potential functionality of the website is nearly limitless. On top of that, these plug-ins can also be used to streamline the main processes of running a website such as SEO maintenance and added security features.

A Wider Community

According to CodeInWP, WordPress stakes a claim over around 50% to 60% of the CMS platform market globally. This majority share in the industry means that WordPress is a proud host to a booming community. WordPress Best CMS

This massive base of users comes with its own set of advantages as well. The biggest benefit is that the community is constantly working to improve the site. This has led not only to a plethora of handy user-created content but it also allows WordPress to quickly identify and correct any bugs in their system. This makes them a much more efficient and secure CMS-based website than many of their contemporaries.

WordPress Is Highly Compatible

In today’s tech landscape, sticking to a single platform won’t promote SEO or generate as many leads as possible. Instead, websites need to be dynamic enough that they can be easily accessed from a number of different types of devices.

WordPress stays a step ahead of the game by ensuring any site created on their platform is automatically compatible with mobile device use. This means that companies can skip out on the downfall of a clunky or broken mobile site without having to worry about additional programming or design.

E-Commerce Capability

To make a noticeable margin of profit with the addition of a website, many businesses want to make sales on their website. In some instances, WordPress allows users to do just that. However, not every version of WordPress is friendly when it comes to e-commerce. In particular, a user will need to be operating on to make sales because doesn’t offer this function.

All in all, WordPress has gained its immense popularity and widespread use for good reason. It’s an easy-to-use, SEO-friendly platform that offers a multitude of functions and benefits from a massive involved community. Concepts like these make it stand out leagues beyond its contemporaries.

WordPress is the best when in comes to CMS solutions.

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