How often do you comment on blogs? Did you know this is a good practice for a couple of reasons?

  1. Quality comments can gain fans and or followers
  2. Do-Follow blogs provide backlinks (Great for Google PR)

Do Follow is an action a blogger implements to remove the attribute rel=”nofollow” from their blog. This can be done either by installing a WordPress plugin, or manually for blogspot and movable type.

The TechJaws blog is a “Do Follow” blog and if you ever wanted to know how to check this, you can download the Firefox NoDoFollow Add-on to find out.


WordPress No-Follow Plugin – “NOFOLLOW FREE” can encourage your users to submit comments.

FireFox NoDoFollow Add-on – This is a simple extension to highlight links in a page according to nofollow / dofollow status.

Get your link juice here by commenting.