Even the Mighty Casey struck out and Google may be the next to fall from being the most visited site on the internet. Since March 2010, Facebook has gained a ton of ground on the King and is currently less than 10% less in unique visitors daily according to Compete.com.

Comparing Google and Facebook

Facebook is currently the second most popular website behind Google and considering Google made its debut in 1997 whereas Facebook launched in 2004, it’s remarkable how much popularity Facebook has gained in such a short time.

The other factor to weigh in is that most Facebook users spend more time on site (Approx. 30 minutes) than those users who visit Google (Approx. 10 minutes). The biggest concern for Google is that Facebook seems to be moving into the search arena or at least it looks that way after making a deal with Microsoft last fall to add results from its network to the Bing search engine. The new startup Blekko also has a search that includes social results based on Facebook “likes” and other activity.

Google could fall from #1 by the end of 2011 and that didn’t seem possible a few years ago. Though Google has expanded its business into other technology areas, I don’t think that Facebook will have a negative effect on Google’s earnings or continued growth.

Web analytics are based on unique visitors and were obtained from Compete.com and Alexa.com. Both services provide approximate statistics and shouldn’t be considered as 100 percent accurate.

About Blekko: Blekko is a search engine that serves up relevant search queries from trusted web sites and excluding material from such sites as content farms from its index.

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