Managed IT and Cloud services will help business owners to focus more on their core functional area by leaving all headaches of IT infrastructure management to experts. There are many services covered under the umbrella terms of managed IT services. Let’s explore what you get on signing up with a professional IT services provider.

Primary services

#1 Mobile device management

The modern day, multi-location employees are primarily connected through smartphones, tablets, and other devices and need to have a fault-free communication network to run the show. Managed IT services will help to set up tools, calendars, email, and tasks and maintain the equipment and apps.

#2 Network Management

All network devices including routers, switches, firewall, etc. will be managed remotely. It helps maximize the network performance as well as reliability over exhaustive network management services.

#3 Workstation management

Usage of advanced software and services to proactively manage workstation infrastructure including the desktops, laptops, connected devices, and thin clients.

#4 Server management

Comprehensive server administration and troubleshooting managed externally by ensuring reliability, top-notch performance, minimal if not nil downtime, backup, and recovery, as well as the security of valuable data.

Cloud solutions

Cloud solutions are proving to be inevitable in IT management nowadays and what professionally managed IT services like Cambium Data Inc. usually offer are:

#1 Office 365

You can get your work done from anywhere irrespective of where your physical offices are.

#2 Meraki Solutions

The cloud solutions from Cisco Meraki ensure top-end multi-site management over the cloud, which can reduce complexity and cost significantly. You can manage the entire network over a single user-friendly dashboard.

#3 Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Help keep your organization safe alongside enjoying full control over it. With this, you can get unlimited enterprise emails, POP, and Exchange server for a monthly fee. Cloud-based email services also make disaster recovery much more manageable.

#4 CMR Cloud

Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms Cloud is an essential video conferencing application for businesses. It can combine applications like WebEx Personal Rooms with cloud-based WebEx Video Bridge, in turn, ensuring an anytime meeting experience.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

No business can reduce downtime, but this is a high possibility due to power outages, blizzards, tornados, fires, floods, or any other form of emergency. A professional managed IT service will surely keep your business IT infrastructure up and running during such an event too.

Video surveillance

Video surveillance is a key enabler to ensure the safety and productivity of a business. So, a majority of the companies of all sizes now tend to invest in a system that has the capability of identification than simple sensing. The new generation high definition IP camera surveillance solutions offered by managed services provide definition quality, reliability, and scalability at competitive pricing. You can also integrate your existing analog camera surveillance system to latest IP solutions through easy integration packages on offer than doing an overhaul from scratch.

Apart from the above significant services, you can also think of availing allied managed IT services as server virtualization, network architecture, and management, storage solutions, server management, etc. through a reliable managed IT service provider in your region. Remember no two companies are the same when it comes to availing IT services to you need to do a thorough evaluation to identify which comes most handy for you.