If your computer has clogged vents and fans choked by dust, your computer can overheat. These parts are vital just like the coolant in your car that keeps it from overheating. The vents and fans keep moving air in and out of your computer, but they both collect dust over time.

Many people use canned air to blow dust off a computer’s internal parts which is good and will not cause any damage or risk to your computer. Some computers (desktops) you may need to remove the computer case in order to effectively clean all fans and vents from dust.

Is Your Computer Cool?

Your computer should never be too close to the wall as this will prevent air flow and could cause the computer to overheat. If your PC stopped working, it could be that it’s overheating. If a computer overheats, you could damage the CPU and other internal parts permanently which can cost a lot to repair.

I recommend cleaning vents and fans annually, but if you live in a dusty environment, more frequent cleanings are necessary.

Your computer especially needs to stay cool during the hot summer months just like you do. Keep your computer in the coolest part of your home if you can, if not, make sure to shut your computer down when you’re done using it.

A little home PC maintenance or professional computer hookup will keep your computer running longer and continue to keep you more productive.

Keep cool my friends!