Are you still having trouble in choosing what tablet applications are ideal and suitable for your nature and lifestyle? Is your mind boggling on certain popular products coming out in the market now? For your Nexus 7 we would gladly make the greatest selections! Nexus 7 is a portable, lightweight and thin tablet incredibly made for Google Play. It has up to 32 GB storage and has a battery life for an all-day activity. It is supported with Android OS and a lot of free games and applications can be downloaded from the internet. Pack up your Nexus 7 with the most enjoyable and user-friendly apps offered by Google Play. Each month, app experts will release and give you the best free android apps available. Among the top ten of the best free Android apps on the internet include:Top Ten Best Android Apps

Swiftkey 3: This was developed by TouchType Ltd to help its users in their texting and typing their email messages. It is able to understand and follow the patterns of your typing and would predict your words. It can be used in your SMS, emails and in your social media accounts.

Pencil Sketch: Is it your all time dream of becoming the next Da Vinci or any portrait artist you’re fond of but you lack the ability and artistic hands? Erase that frown in your face and download Pencil Sketch.  Using this application, you can turn every dull photo into a penciled makeover and a stunning masterpiece.

Pocket: How it works? Pin the article then read it later. This enables busy gals to save pictures, videos, articles or any content and read it when time is in their hands. This application enables you to become a star DJ, create an awesome playlist and play it with people you want to be influence to your jam.

PixLR Express: Let’s face it, not all of us have the patience to learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop. So this photo editing app would be of great benefit for you. It has over 600 different cool and trendy effects which will make a boring picture into a photo extraordinaire!

Pulse News: You want these stories and articles organized, who wouldn’t? This app is a stylish way of collecting these news stories and presenting them in a clean and ordered format. A simple tap on the tiles and an enlarged view of the article would appear.

Evernote: It acts like a post-it but more advanced! It allows the user to jot down notes and ideas whenever and wherever he may be. It can be synced in your laptop, in social media accounts or in business meetings.

Kingsoft Office: Incredibly, you can turn your Android tablet into a mobile word processor. It allows you to edit Word documents, spreadsheets and PowerPoint slideshows. It also enables you read documents in PDF format and it has a built-in file manager.

Imo: This merges all your instant messaging networks into one. It supports networks like Facebook Chat, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk and Others.

Google Maps: Using satellite views, navigation is guaranteed easy! This will search for possible and easier routes for you to go to your destination.

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