Staying organized while you’re on the go isn’t always an easy task. Whether you are trying to stay on top of professional obligations, or just manage your family’s grocery list, it’s important to have a way to track your lists from nearly anywhere. With a mobile app, you can work on lists from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer so you’re never out of reach of your data as long as you have an Internet connection. Here are three apps that make it easy to stay organized and create and edit lists wherever you go.3 Apps to Get You Organized Fast


Evernote lets you create a new note from your mobile phone, tablet, or a home computer. Since you have a free log in, you can see your lists or other notes from any device to which you are logged into an Evernote account. If you lose one cell phone, you can download the app to your new device and log in to get your lists. This particular app also lets you add images and video to your lists. You can also share your account with other people, like co-workers or your spouse. You can get the most of the app if you have high speed Internet from a provider such as


Wunderlist is designed specifically around daily to do lists, though you can also use it to pen general notes or documents. Your data is synced to a virtual cloud, so you can access your lists across multiple devices, such as two different smart phones. You can collaborate on the same list with other users, and you will also get reminders if you need to get a task done by a certain date and time. Wunderlist also lets you create reoccurring lists and task to-dos.


EasilyDo acts as a virtual personal assistant. For instance, if you program your wedding anniversary into the app you will get a reminder do stop on your way home from work and pick up flowers for your spouse on the day of the event. The app endeavors to stay ahead of your schedule, so that it can remind you in advance of the items on your schedule or to-do list. For example, it will remind you of a scheduled conference call at least several hours before it begins and even offer to dial into the call for you automatically. This app is perfect for users who consistently forget about the items they schedule in other note applications or even their calendar.

Staying organized will keep you calm and also salvage your reputation at work. With these apps, you can create multi-media notes, to-do lists, and be reminded of important events well in advance. Apps are available on both iOS and Android devices. Most apps are free, but if you do have to pay for a one time download charge there won’t be a monthly subscription fee unless you sign up for an upgraded version of the app. That means you can stay organized without spending money on an actual assistant.

Author Bio: Laura Spicer is a professional organizer. She loves to share her favorite organization tips on family and household blogs.