Can you imagine a life without any media? How monotonous it would be if there were no music, guitars, music players and computers. But thanks to the technology that brings us joy and energy each and every day. Talking of computers, we have been playing music, videos and movies on media players like iTunes (Mac OS X & PC) or Window media player (PC). But let’s say iTunes is a media player which was designed by Apple Inc. 11 years ago from today it had its first release on 9 Jan 2001 and from past 11 years iTunes is in continuous use for playing music, video files, downloading media files and saving them on hard drive.Apple iTunes

The iTunes media player runs on both Apple’s Mac OS X & Microsoft Windows.

To run the iTunes on Windows Machine: Download the iTunes (.exe) for Windows using I.E. version 7 or 8. Save the iTunesSetup.exe file on your desired location or run it directly. Installation process is same as installing any other program on Windows. Sit back and enjoy hip-hop music & videos using iTunes. You can visit Apple site’s support section or copy the link and paste it in the address bar to land directly on the page. Read more on installing iTunes on Windows-based computer –

iTunes multi role for other Apple devices: In Mac OS, we are aware of iTunes media player but iTunes have extended their roles in managing media files on iPod, iPads and iPhones. iTunes facilitates downloading of several media files like music, videos, television shows, iPod games, podcasts and audiobooks from the Apple store. But other than media files like music and videos, user can also download exciting and their desirable application software for Mac OS X, iPods, iPhone & iPad gadgets.

Introduction of iTunes Match: Initially available for United States users only, iTunes Match now is available in Australia, UK, Spain, Canada & Mexico (37 nation in all and each having different iTunes Match subscriber fee). The iTunes Match facility makes your music & imported songs from CDs to store in the iCloud. This facility can be subscribed by paying $24.99 annually. Once you use iTunes Match, you get easily connected with your music collection using any of your devices (say iPod, iPad or iPhone).

iTunes gift cards are perfect way to wish: This is how a day is made special for someone. Be it a birthday, wedding anniversary or an event of marriage, choosing to gift an iTunes gift card can really make recipients feel special. You can add a special note expressing your warmth, love and affection for your recipient and quickly send the gift card via an e-mail. Either prints the iTunes gift card and delivers it personally or through courier. One more specialty about the iTunes gift cards is that the recipient can redeem the gift for the apps, books and movies. Isn’t it exciting?

Author Bio: Vishal is a technical writer who covers topic on Mac OS X. He keeps experimenting on his MacBook Pro and share useful information with Mac users. You can catch him on Facebook & Google + for more updates on OS X.