Skoda vehicle owners have more options than ever with their iPhone and iPad applications with the current offering in the Apple App Store. Skoda offers a new ease of use with their current vehicles integration with technology that can be applied productively to any situation and navigation.SKODA iPad Applications

The CEO of Fullpower-MotionX proudly tells reporters in a December press release that the Fullpower-MotionX has a focus towards a stellar navigation experience on the new iOS platform to the delight of Skoda owners. The platform is what is provided with the Škoda Media Services and the MotionX-GPS is available the Apple App Store. MotionX-GPS Drive was named by the Apple App Store as the frontrunner for applications in 2011. The Apple App Store maintains a separate category for navigation and the new application stood apart from the pack in technology and convenience. Phillipe Kahn, CEO, showed his appreciation of the accolades by offering a special Holiday offer for iTunes app Store users with the newest applications price being cut 60% until the end of the year… Skoda owners can link up with their Media services App and have instant access to MotionX-GPS Drive HD version 12.1 and its companion MotionX-GPS Drive for the Skoda iPad users.

Having the broadest and most unique Ip market portfolio to offer Skoda vehicles owners, Fullpower-MotionX is a delight for tech oriented personalities. Sensing platforms that include Nike+GPS are a whole new experience for Skoda GPS Navigation owners and iPad users. The Pioneer Appradio has the largest capacitive touch screen which makes hands free calling a safer experience for Skoda users. Interface and technical advances really help push the applications ahead of the market. Skoda owners will benefit from the innovations at MotionX and their newest update with fitness and health news features through the iPhone and iPad.

Skoda vehicle owners can take advantage of the newest version of Mapquest with the free MapQuest 4 Mobile iPhone app available for a limited time from the Apple App Store. Skoda owners can get navigation through turn by turn directions in a pleasant voice, although with the free version there are limited map views in comparison to the full edition. A nice bonus is an overhead view of maps for the driver to navigate through cities and residence areas quickly.

Skoda owners that have the iPad application do not have to worry about getting lost or skipping a turn, the voice automatically reroutes a path when a turn is missed or unavailable due to weather hazards or due to road construction. Skoda iPhone owners can download an application to be alerted when traffic and emergency situations may hinder their route and the iPad application will respond accordingly by planning a new route automatically much like a personal computer’s features when using MapQuest online. Content is available in Czech, English, and German translations on the SKODA Media Services iPad Application.

With Skoda’s new added Android users, Skoda Media services are building a strong reputation as a multimedia portal and the fastest rising mobile platform available on the marketplace. Skoda has made the vehicle an interactive work environment with ease of use in mass communications and interconnectivity through the iPhone and iPad applications.

The article is contributed by Peter Smith. Peter is a professional blogger and tech enthusiast.