The mobile app industry is the fastest growing industry in history – experts are projecting that the industry will reach as high as $100 billion in revenue by 2017. The reason that the mobile app industry is experiencing such rapid growth is that mobile apps provide unparalleled convenience and functionality. This includes everything from banking to grocery shopping. The fitness industry is no exception to this phenomenon. You can have the full fitness experience at your fingertips by way of multitudinous iPhone apps. Below you will find some must have fitness apps that will simplify your life.iPhone Apps That Keep You Healthy

Ab Workouts

This convenient app provides you with simple abdominal workouts that can help strengthen and develop your abs. Your abs are a vital part of your core muscle group which helps support all of your biomechanical functions, such as balance, posture, as well as basic and dynamic movements. According to the Mayo Clinic, your core muscles, including your abs provide the stability necessary to perform all physical activity.

Fitness Class

Fitness Class is a great app for a couple of reasons – it provides a diversity of workouts and it helps you track your energy expenditure, helping you manage and achieve your fitness goals. The app also supports social media integration so that you can share your fitness experience with your friends and followers.

Nike Training Club

This app is highly effective because it creates an environment of motivation and direction – functioning much in the same way as a personal trainer. With detailed audio and visual instructions you can be confident that you are performing the exercises correctly, as well as maintaining the proper intensity.

Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker

This handy little app is quite powerful, providing you with a huge database of food choices. The database has more than 2 million types of food. Not only does the app suggest meals, it also provides a calorie counter to help manage your caloric intake. Counting calories is extremely important when attempting to place your body is caloric deficit for the sake of losing weight.

Eye Exam

To many, an exam app is out of place on a health and fitness app list, but your eye health is extremely important and this app provides a comprehensive platform that will help you ensure that your eyes are well taken care of. With features such as vision screening tests, jargon dictionary, appointment scheduler and more, you can manage all of your eye care needs in one convenient location. You can even buy contact lenses online and have them shipped directly to your home.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, maintaining the recommended minimal level of fitness has significant benefits that have the capacity to increase the length and quality of your life. These apps provide the guidance and assistance to ensure that you are able to reach your personal fitness goals without all of the guess work or expensive support systems.

Author Bio: Simon Walters is a healthy living guru. He enjoys integrating new technologies into a healthy lifestyle. Visit the Next Day Lenses website for information about eye care.