iPhone for the Future: Holographic and Laser Images

Tony Stark is not the only one who can enjoy holographic images. And, his visions are not far from being realized by real people. In fact a year ago, an animation company who’s caught up on iPhone’s fervor created one concept design for the next generation of iPhones. Like Tony Stark, they armed their creation with fascinating holographic features and laser technology.

Who would not be amazed by dragging virtual objects into thin air or make them float like ghosts exorcised from your electronic device? Much to the delight of gamers, they can now experience racing in GTA at Monte Carlo right in front of their eyes or slashing fruits in the air like a real ninja. Best of all, for photo enthusiasts, you won’t need a cable and a surface anymore just to project images and videos from your phone. Your iPhone can efficiently project holograms in 3D! All these and more is promised by Aatma Studio for their iPhone concept design.

iPhone for the Future: Holographic and Laser Images

Aatma CEO Pramod Modi Shantharam and the whole team envisioned the next iPhone to be ultra thin for a lightweight handheld device. Aside from this, they used laser technology to enable the projection of the iPhone keyboard onto the nearest external surface. To do this, the user must drag the on-screen keyboard out of the borders of the phone. By means of a sensor, the user can also resize the keyboard depending on his taste and adjust its brightness and contrast to adapt to outside lighting conditions. The user can always resume the look of the portable device by dragging back the laser keyboard.

While playing games, watching videos, scanning through pictures or even mobile surfing, the user can convert the screen into a holographic display in a snap of your fingers. An upward pull from on top of your iPhone screen can instruct the iPhone to project the holographic display. Again, the user can always bring the display back to normal by mere finger motion.

Most would agree that this concept may be far from being the next iPhone 5. It may take 5 or 7 more years before this technology can be perfected as issues on battery energy and gadget responsiveness may create some conflicts. But this definitely paves the way to a brighter future for iPhone, or any other smartphones perhaps.

This then leaves us more thrilled and excited for what the future looks like.

Peter de Jesus is a marketing consultant for Repair Labs. An industry-recognized specialist in iPhone and iPad repair.