What with so many developers turning their attention to Google TV, it looks like this venture of Google is on its way in the race after a hesitant and unfruitful start. There is much going on for Google TV on the Google Play Store it appears and while many important corporations have embraced Google long back – such as Netflix, HBO Go and Amazon Instant Video, many others have only come by slowly, waiting and watching for the popularity of Google TV to pick up. Google TV shares the same interface as Android phones and tablet of the company so you can use it pretty much to play games, browse on a life size screen, play games as well as stream and watch videos and movies of course.Google TV Apps and Tools

Some new apps have been making their way to the Play Store and here we have a small collection for you.

  1. Eurochannel: Eurochannel has recently added its name to the Play Store with a freely downloadable app that can give subscribers prompt access to many hundreds of European movies, shows, music and exclusive content. There are many categories to choose from – not least being EuroTravel, EuroMagazine etc, and there are also shows you can watch On Demand and a pretty impressive library. It looks like Eurochannel is expanding its outlook as well by thinking beyond satellite TV and cable – something Google is bound to appreciate.
  2. Ameba: If you’re worried that your kids need parental control and can’t figure it out in Google TV, this may just be the tool for you. Ameba has been launched as a Google TV app only in the recent past and is great to ensure that your kids are watching what you want them to see. This can range from thousands of music and educational shows which are uploaded by the app from creators all over the world. In fact, some of them are so interesting, you might find yourself watching them instead of your kids, and you will be sure to find something that the kids will love. Literally thousands of options to choose from. We loved it.
  3. Redux: Redux claims to take the TV viewing experience to an entirely new level, by giving you access to entertainment, knowledge and shows from all over the world which have not made it into mainstream. Many Google TV users swear by it, and because Google is so adept at creating information about you which will help it to deliver those products that line up to your searches, you might actually find something you love through this app.
  4. Brain Cube: Brain Cube is a game that is completely worth it to be played on over your Google TV. How it works is that you are given several square holes in which you have to drop rolling blocks. It has a fairly simple concept but it will keep you engaged well, because it does require you to think about how to get through different paths and levels of complexity.

Having an awesome viewing experience is now within our reach with the latest Google TV apps.

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