What is Windows Azure?

Windows Azure is a platform for cloud computing created by Microsoft. It can be used by users who want to build or host all types of Web applications through the centers belonging to Microsoft, and these centers also perform the management of all scalable applications created for the Web. Windows Azure was initially codenamed “Red Dog” and the first name given at its first launch in October 2008 was “Windows Cloud”.

Azure for Home Automation

Main uses of Windows Azure

Windows Azure is created to ease management IT. It was developed with the main purpose of minimizing personnel expenses and the overhead implied by the creation, upgrade and distribution of Web applications. The platform has multiple uses and it can be used to secure people’s homes as well. For example, you can use Azure to control your home’s security. There are certain systems you can manage with a push of a button, however you need Azure to make everything happen.

Windows Azure is more than a platform, being also a service. The best part is that it includes several on-demand services that are hosted in the data centers of Microsoft. Besides, it’s commoditized through three separate product brands. All the applications and services developed through this platform are run on the operating system belonging to Windows Azure, which offers not only  a great environment for all Web applications, but also an entire set of useful services that help you build, host and manage your applications without having to require maintenance to very expensive resources available only onsite.

Azure and Home Automation

Windows Azure allows you to build, deploy or manage applications quickly, using a global network made up of datacenters managed by Microsoft. You are given the possibility to build your own applications using any type of operating system, tool or language. As far as home security is concerned, Azure allows users to create bake-up apps managed by Azure. The app will manage user communication and database, and it will be utilized to facilitate communication with other devices installed inside your residence. The end result is without a doubt revolutionary, as it will allow you to view and control the electric appliances within your residence even if you’re at the other end of the world. The app that’s running on Windows Azure is like a complete security system and home automation feature for people’s homes, and it’s certainly worth trying.

Always running

Windows Azure distributes a 99.95% SLA every month and it allows users to create and run all types of applications without having to focus on infrastructure. Besides, it features service patching and automatic OS, incorporated resistance to hardware failure and network load balancing. It also supports a distribution model that permits you to upgrade the applications you create without any interruptions.


Windows Azure allows users to use any framework, tool or language in order to build their applications. Besides, its services and features are made visible using different open REST protocols. Windows Azure features several client libraries that are available for all types of programming languages and released under open source licenses. All these libraries are hosted on the popular GitHub.

Unlimited servers and unlimited storage

Windows Azure also allows scaling applications based on size. It is a service platform which is fully automated, allowing you to deliver resources in only a couple of minutes. Now you can grow or shrink your resource usage depending on your needs. The great part is that you won’t end up paying for resources that your application doesn’t use. Windows Azure can be found in various datacenters all over the world and it’s a great tool for people who want to develop their applications without overlooking their clients.

The 3 essential components that make up the new Windows Azure are: Storage Layer, Compute Layer and Fabric Layer. This platform also includes a feature that deals with automated service management. This feature allows you to upgrade applications without changing the way they perform. Windows Azure is created to support a large number of programming languages and platforms. Most of these languages are XML- extensible markup language, REST- representational state transfer, SOAP- Simple Object Access Protocol, Python, Eclipse, PHP and Ruby.

Engineers have been trying to find a way to control home appliances from a click of a button for years. Using Windows Azure, home owners now have the chance to build apps and control their home’s security system, trigger live cameras to see what’s going on around their home, and switch off/on their electrical appliances. It’s certainly a platform worth testing as far as home automation is concerned.

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