Steven Sinofsky, president of Microsoft Windows division, is trying to give Windows users something new to cheer about. Windows 8 has almost every feature that you would love to have & share. A few days ago, Windows 8 was put on a consumer trail period and more than 1 million people have downloaded the OS within 24 hours of its official release. Hopefully you downloaded it already and are enjoying all of the benefits of Windows 8.

Windows 8 Features

You will find some great built-in Windows 8 Features that you will surely love.

Sky Drive

Sky Drive is one of the many great built-in apps on Windows 8 that allows ‘private Cloud’ storage space. So, if you want to share or store something interesting, now you can do it easily. Moreover, your Desktop files are available online & offline too, which reduces the chances of data loss and help’s you in recovering your precious data.

Windows 8 SkyDrive

Windows 8 Logo

Since the launch of Windows 95, Microsoft continues to use their slightly changed logos, but you will find a completely different one in Windows 8. Not yet confirmed, but this logo might remain the same for business & enterprise versions of Windows 8.

Windows 8 Logo

ReFS (Resilient File System), Latest File System from Microsoft

After broad uses and continuous improvement on the NT File System, Microsoft has completely changed the scenarios with ReFS, which stands for Resilient File System. It is created using NTFS technology to provide more reliability, storage space & security.

Here are some stunning features about ReFS:

  • Easily compatible with NTFS
  • Metadata integrity with Checksum
  • Huge volume size, file and directory
  • Disk Scrubbing to avoid latent disk errors
  • File Level Encryption
  • Bit locker Encryption
  • File ID & oplocks etc.

Detailed information and features can be found here, authored by Surendra Verma, development manager for the Storage and File System Team.

Touch enabled

In the past, we have heard about touch screen laptops and PCs will soon enter in the real market. Windows 8 has software to provide users more interactivity with their laptop using touch screen. However, this feature is not publicly available, but you can expect to get it after the next official release from Microsoft.

Rocket Speed:

Unlike other Windows operating systems, Windows 8 is highly optimized to provide greater performance. So, if you want to make your PC a rocket, then you can do so using Windows 8. Moreover, Windows 8 takes under 10 seconds to boot!

Available for Tablets & PCs Both

This unification of tablets and PC would never allow you to feel lonely either at home or on the go.

High Security

This Windows OS version allows each program to run independently to avoid cross contamination when your system ever gets an attack. Moreover, it has improved virus detection capability to keep your system free from infections.

Windows Store

Like any other store, Windows has its own great set of ‘Windows store’ to enhance the ability to perform operation and easy share what you love.

Author Bio: Oliver is an enthusiastic contributor at Microsoft Help community and loves exploring everything about Tech. You can also find him on Google + & Facebook.