The increasing number of application developers is need for concern given that many companies would want to invest in particular apps developed over time. Google is such a company worth investments on valuable applications developed across the world. In this view, it is important to note that Google reviews certain features of the developed applications before buying them from their original developers. Importantly, the Google Company finds interests in applications that meet a certain criteria.



Firstly, it is important to wisely choose an applications name before deciding to finally settle on the application. The application name is significant given that it functions as the ink anchor text used in several application markets and the APP STORE. As such, choosing the app name effectively should include putting a brand name of the application on the download page or the link to the application. Importantly, consideration on such a technique is important given that it distinguishes the application marketed from other applications that would be of the same nature of that work in the same way.

Secondly, it is important note to hide the link to the application. As such, an application developer should consider alternatives like linking the app prominently. Such a technique prioritizes the application which is important for a company like Google. The simple strategy in this case is that if the application developer prioritizes their application, it gives accountability for other multi-companies like Google to prioritize the same applications. On the same note, there has to be link equity of the same application that credits the developer. In that way, the application will definitely occupy a central position in the Android market.

Thirdly, creativity is an important element that should be incorporated by the application developers. Unique elements of an application will attract the consumers or users given that they will be coded appropriately into the Android systems. In that case, it is important for the developers to be able to incorporate smart link texts. The smart link texts require uttermost creativity like the use of android graphics. The ease of operations of the application may be revealed through the smart link texts given that they give the impression of the application to a given user group. Google also considers such factor before settling on a given android application.

The other last element of consideration for application developers is the aspect of visibility. This is to say that the application should appeal to its user group in the sense that it captivates the users. As such, it is important to include branded anchor texts during the development stage of the applications. QR codes are also important to consider when targeting a company like Google given that they are a shortcut to the application thus they foster easy access for the users. As such, it is important to also use dedicated QRs for the available application. The QRs should be assigned to each application given that they specify the usage. Lastly, the social profiles also help to market the apps given that the developers would create the perfect search platform of the URLs are availed for each application. Consequently, the social profiles may be used to share the applications.