If you think doing SEO for your blog is going to be easy, think again.

Google’s algorithm is constantly changing. You’re also competing with thousands of other websites in your niche for those top spots on the search engine.

When you optimize your blog for SEO, you’re making your blog more visible to people who type in keywords associated with your services in a search engine. This can get you more traffic and increase your conversion into real sales.

But the evolving algorithm can make this a difficult task. And it can be difficult to sort through the different ranking tactics to find one that works for 2019.

Here are some tips to simplify the process and help you become an SEO pro.

1. Focus on 1-2 Important Keywords

If you want to optimize your blogging for SEO, flooding your content with keywords isn’t the answer. This could actually hurt your SEO, because search engines consider this keyword stuffing.

It also could make for awkward reading. Search engines want to see keyword use that is designed to prioritize the reader’s experience.

For these reasons, you should be using a limited number of keywords in a way that doesn’t come across as forced or unnatural.

2. Start Using Internal Links

Once you have a number of articles on your blog, it’s time to start using internal linking.

By inserting links to older articles in your newer posts, you can keep readers engaged in your relevant posts.

It’s also a great way to improve your SEO. It’ll boost your chances of getting higher on the search engine rankings and keep readers on your page for longer.

3. Add Photos and Videos

Search engines aren’t just looking for the most relevant content. They’re also more likely to rank engaging content higher in search results.

Using images and videos will help make your posts more engaging than just text.

Try to add some images between paragraphs. Be sure you’re using original photographs or royalty free images to use in your blog posts–so you can avoid getting into legal trouble.

Videos are even more engaging than images. Try creating your own videos or linking a Youtube video on your post.

4. Make Your Articles Easy to Read

Search engines also consider readability as an important factor in an article. If your article is easier to read, it’ll rank higher than articles that aren’t user-friendly.

55% of readers will spend 15 seconds or less on your web page. How can you keep them engaged on your page longer?

Try improving the readability by using shorter sentences, smaller paragraphs, and language that’s easy to skim through quickly. You can also break up your articles using headers, subheaders, and bulleted lists. Lots of white space will make it easier on the eyes.

Are You Ready to Optimize Your Blog for SEO?

The world of SEO is complex and hard to understand. There are a lot of ranking tactics out there–but they can often get left behind by the rapidly changing algorithm.

How do you know what works and what doesn’t? These simple tips can help you optimize your blog for SEO–so you can get higher on the search engine without spending money for ads.

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