Most businesses are struggling to get their SEO efforts off and running. Those businesses are desperately needing your services. So, how do you find these potential SEO clients? Here are six ways on how to get more clients and to keep them around.

1. Join Message Boards & Forums

Yes, we’re asking you to join message boards and forums in 2019. But there’s a lot of gold that can be found within these types of content. Not every forum on the internet is like a ghost town. There are many forums where you can become an expert in your industry.

Certain websites such as Facebook Questions, Formspring, LinkedIn Answers, Reddit, and Quora are all great places to start. There are even niche forums that have been popping up. It’s important to market yourself as an SEO expert rather than another user when it comes to growing an audience. Providing valuable content to your target audience can result in more clients.

2. Learn About Your Niche

This sounds like something you should’ve already done at the beginning stages of your business, but you can never stop learning about your niche. Learning and expanding on your niche can help you attract more clients. SEO is still a new concept to most businesses. They don’t understand how it works and how it could benefit them in the long run.

Most businesses assume SEO is something they can set and forget. If you have former clients in the industry, you can use that experience to create a portfolio to market yourself. This a good time to niche down or to consider a different niche. By working with one client, you can focus on attracting one kind of client.

3. Write Case Studies

Case studies immediately show you how to get more clients since you’re building yourself as an expert. Of course, you’re probably whining at this tip because it feels like writing an essay for school. You have to collect data, form a thesis, conduct several tests, and then write your report in an easy-to-understand manner. Case studies are great for that reason alone.

They can explain why your products and services are necessary for the clients reading it. They want to know why a similar company used your services and the success they achieved with them. If you post your case study on your blog with an opt-in for an e-mail newsletter, then you’re sure to attract more clients. It’s also an excellent resource to use for attracting local SEO clients.

4. Send E-Mail Blasts

Similar to the previous tip, you’d think this would be simple, but it’s one of the most forgotten components of marketing. When you’re searching for more SEO clients, you should send an e-mail blast to your colleagues, family, and friends that you’re on the lookout for new clients. You should include a list of services so they can pass that information along to interested prospects. If you want to get leads, offer a free audit or consultation. Referrals can be a powerful tool for gaining more clients.

5. Create Free SEO Tools

Potential clients love receiving free SEO tools that are valuable. This is obvious since people love getting stuff for free. If you have a few free tools in your arsenal, offer them to increase traffic to your website or blog. By providing free SEO tools, you’ll attract a dedicated audience of people who are looking for your services. This is an ideal way to establish trust with your audience and for them to get familiar with your services.

6. Host Events & Mixers

Instead of meeting your clients face-to-face, host a local event or mixer where you can share tips on how SEO can help them meet their goals. You can host a casual speaking panel or a formal cocktail party. This is also a good time to offer a free consultation, give away SEO materials, or offer to pick up the tab. You’re sure to get people to come to your event.

Use each of these ideas to attract SEO clients. The important thing to remember is that you should market your services on a regular basis so you have a steady flow of clients. Make time for that Facebook group or forum and help them see how powerful SEO is. When doing so, you’ll help them realize the potential benefits, which will lead them to hire you.

Author Bio: Douglas Pitassi is a freelance writer and business blogger.