Google has started the inner pages Pagerank update and this is what many webmasters are also seeing. The homepage (official declaration) of the PR update is not yet done.Google Pagerank Update

I noticed only few PR changes on some internal pages on

This could be the beginning of the major Pagerank update for all pages, including the most important – the homepage. I love when Google dangles a carrot in front of us, it makes it a lot more exciting.

I noticed something with Google Webmaster Tools. It looks like GWMT has slowly been listing more backlinks and I think most of them on TechJaws are now listed, if not all of them. I have been using the site: operator (site:mydomain) on a regular basis and it looks like it’s returning all of the actual pages.

Such as Ketchup – Anticipation!

Good luck and much success! Just keep practicing SEO, both on-page and off-page.

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