Comcast/Xfinity doesn’t matter how you say it, they stink like a dead fish lying in the hot sun for a couple of days. Xfinity bolsters about how they have the fastest internet speeds, but they fail in explaining what broadband is. Basically, you are sharing the same wire as thousands of other people which can result in bottlenecks and slow load times. AT&T and Verizon offer dedicated fiber and or twisted pair, meaning you are the only one on that wire.

As of this writing, our internet is still down since Sunday at 11:00 AM. I check for updates on the Comcast web site and it’s the same message, but when they can’t restore service by 1pm they move it to 5pm and repeat. Comcast just updated service to be restored by 4pm today. Guaranteed it will be down until tomorrow. Still down on Wednesday at 8:45 AM CST. Time change number #8 – An outage has been reported in your area. We expect this to be resolved by 4 PM today.

Calling customer services is so painful you rather go without service than to hear some agent read from a script.


So what’s one to do? Wait on the incompetence to get it right? This is why Comcast is rated the worst in customer service compared to the competition. Maybe Comcast takes pride in something #1, who knows, but they certainly know how to piss people off.

Check out these articles, it says it all…

Hopefully you are as lucky as us to have other choices like AT&T U-verse and Verizon Fios.