Going on vacation or traveling on a business trip can be very stressful. A change of plan or a lack of information can leave a tourist feeling extremely anxious and worried. Whether you’re a first time flyer or a seasoned aviation expert it’s important to recognize that each journey poses its own set of unique challenges and circumstances, and you need to be prepared and organized in order to overcome any problems.

This article will look at five free apps that are designed to help you with every step of flight travel; from finding and booking the tickets you need online to tracking your flight, these five apps will help you ensure that you travel arrangements are easy to keep to.

Free to Download and Suitable for Android/iOS

The best thing about these five flight orientated apps is that they are all free to download and they are all available on the iOS and the Android platforms, making them highly accessible to any plane passenger.

App 1 – Kayak


Booking a flight is now much easier than it has ever been before. Rather than relying on a travel agent, holiday makers and business commuters can now book their flights easily online.

Kayak is a great price comparison application that also helps you to organize your travel plans. Using Kayak you can compare prices and availability for flights, hotel accommodation and car rental hire.

Choose from settings such as one-way, round-trip or multi-city. Select your departure location and your destination choose your departure date, the number of people traveling and what class you’d like to see flights in and with one click you can have all of the best possible prices at your fingertips.

Kayak also interacts with another top travel app called GateGuru (App 4 in our list!).

App 2 – Hipmunk


Hipmunk is a really great app that uses clear visuals to make it easier for tourists to consider their best travel plans. Simply enter your departure date and enter the two airports you would like to use and Hipmunk will compile a colorful list of airlines, showing what flights they are running, when and how much each flight costs.

You can also filter results based on certain settings, making it really easy to organize your travel plans. This is a highly rated app with a lot of regular users.

App 3 – TripIt


TripIt is a stroke of genius that makes it incredibly easy to organize all of your travel plans in one place. You can manually add a travel plan such as a meal, a flight, a check in or a rental car pick up via the app. Alternatively, you can automatically add the details of these events to your app simply by forwarding the confirmation email of your plan to plans@tripit.com.

TripIt recognizes and successfully adds the travel and plan arrangements of more than 3,000 third party companies, making it incredibly easy to keep all of your plans in one highly intuitive organizer that syncs with your calendar app.

This is a must have app for anyone that takes frequent business trips.

TripIT also interacts with another top travel app called GateGuru (the next app in our list!).

App 4 – GateGuru


GateGuru not only provides you with access to your Kayak and TripIt itineraries, it also provides you with real time updates on flights. Other awesome features include the ability to view and post security waiting times and view/add reviews and photos on airports, terminals and amenities. A great app to use if you don’t know you’re way around an airport!

App 5 – FlightAware Flight Tracker

FlightAware Flight Tracker

Stay up to date with the progress of any commercial flight, as well as private and charter flights operating in the USA or Canada. You can also use FlightAware Flight Tracker to stay on top of any gate changes, delays, diversions and cancellations.

Author Bio: The article is being contributed by Michael Clark. He keeps traveling different places in the world and using different apps that are used in flight booking and tacking. He has also written many articles on satellite tracking.