The iPhone spawned everything “I”. It is considered to be one of the top mobile phone choices of consumers in the market today. However, as they say, even the greatest has its flaws. Here are some iPhone ticks and their suggested fixes:iPhone Tricks and Tips

#1: Battery Life.

The iPhone’s primary function is still as a mobile phone. So when its computer-like features are pushed to the limit, its battery starts to turn red rather fast.

The Resolution: Make sure to close applications properly. Sometimes applications are left to run in the background, thereby draining the battery even faster. Also, if you do not plan on connecting to a Wi-Fi network, turn the Wi-Fi feature off.

#2: Default apps cannot be hidden.

The iPhone comes pre-packed with default applications. Unfortunately, some of these applications are not useful to some users. For instance, not all of us are interested in how the stock market is doing. For some, figuring out how to delete or even hide these apps from the springboard can be a challenge.

The Resolution: You can hide some of the default apps by using the parental controls. Go to Settings>General>Restrictions. Know, though, that you need to pre-select a restriction code to be able to hide some of the applications.

#3: Sound quality when played via loudspeaker.

For the music connoisseur, sound quality is the number one priority. The iPhone’s built-in speakers are great for game-app sounds, but for pumping out the tunes of your favorite songs, it just won’t cut it.

The Resolution: Invest in a set of good quality iPhone dock speakers. You can choose from small mobile speakers or the traditional iPhone docks that can blare out your tunes to your heart’s content.

4: iPhone starts to run slow.

When you first purchased your iPhone, the most amazing thing you will notice is how fast it slides from screen to screen when you swipe away. However, once music and apps are added, the phone starts to crawl just to operate.

The Resolution: If you are a music and application junkie, opt for a bigger memory storage capacity. The iPhone usually offers three memory capacities: 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. Choose wisely based on your needs. Another resolution is to free up some space. Transfer or upload you photos, videos and apps that you rarely use to your computer. Remember that the more space you take, the slower your phone operates.

These are just four of the most common ticks you might experience with your iPhone. Keep in mind that maximizing your purchase makes the money you spent all worth it!

Author Bio: Jay Manangan is a marketing consultant for Repair Labs. An industry-recognized specialist in HTC, iPhone and iPad accessories as well as iPad and iPhone repair.