I know I speak for wife who just purchased her iPhone 4 less than a year ago and now the iPhone 5 will makes its debut shortly. The one thing that bothers me is whenever a new version of software or hardware comes out right after I already purchased the previous version. The feeling of being absolute reminds me of buying a new car and the following year the manufacturer has a whole new design of the same make and model.iPhone 5 Features

I can guarantee that my wife will not be buying the iPhone 5 when it becomes available (the latest rumored release date, October 7th). I might just buy her one for Christmas and take her iPhone 4 for myself.

The new iPhone 5 screen will be smaller than its predecessor measuring in at around 3.5-3.7 inch range.

Listed below are some of the features for the iPhone 5 (at least that’s what the experts are saying).

  • Edge-to-Edge Display – the new iPhone 5 will boast a four inch display in the same encasement, which will extend display over the phone’s edges.
  • 8MP Camera with Enhanced Flash
  • NFC (Near Field Communication) – The NFC technology will allow persons to use their iPhone 5 to make payments, by simply waving their phone over the devices that are able to read the information stored on the phone.
  • Curved Glass Display
  • Fireproof iPhone 5 (It should be water proof instead)
  • 4G LTE iPhone 5

We will all know for sure what exactly the iPhone 5 feature set will be when it’s made available to the public.