Every Operating System or platform requires effective partition management for easy organization of data and free space. Hard Drive partitioning makes sense as it can solve all your computer-related headaches and make your experience a breeze. If you look at Mac, there is an inbuilt tool ‘Disk Utility’ that allows for creating partitions, formatting drives, creating disk images, and much more. However, it lacks the required competency for performing advanced partitioning operation and supporting non-native file types. Therefore, it is worth to have advanced software that meets basic as well as complex requirements of partition management.Stellar Partition Manager 2.0

There is a professional tool on the market that has an intelligent engine with a fault-minimizing interface to help you perform safe and risk-free partitioning tasks without losing data. Yes, you are close! It’s Stellar Partition Manager. The software has everything that you need for a non-destructive partition editing. The tool can carry out all the basic partitioning tasks, such as creating, deleting, formatting, and resizing Mac partitions. Furthermore, the option to view tasks in the ‘Task to Do’ list is impressive. You can choose to roll back or undo your last selection before committing the action.

Be it the geekiest Mac user or a rookie, the tool is beneficent to each group of Mac users. The tool displays a graphical representation of data to help you understand even the most complex operations and find an easy way to accomplish difficult partitioning jobs. You can resize the existing partitions in the main interface with a simple drag and drop technique. The tool can be used to partition IDE, SCSI and SATA hard disks. Further, it supports flash-based drives (SSDs) and can work with any Intel or PowerPC Mac. The supported Mac file systems include HFS, HFS+, HFS Wrapper, and FAT.

Though this Mac volume manager seems to be a great support, it does not provide you with any option to merge adjacent partitions having the same file system. To add to your woes, the utility has no built-in feature to backup data prior to making changes to your OS X drive. This would indeed mean exposing yourself to a dramatic risk. To overcome this problem, most partition management utilities allow virtual mode. Virtual mode is a feature that allows carrying out all partitioning tasks virtually. Thus, no operation would be committed before confirmation and you would get another chance to realize the positive and negative consequences of any operation.

The company provides excellent customer support on 24×5 basis. If you had a bad experience with any product, a customer support representative is available around the clock to give you the best advice for quickly resolving your queries. You can reach them from any part of the world by simply dialing their toll-free number or by submitting a query online on the company website.

Overall, the utility is worth using and highly recommended. Stellar Partition Manager is essentially an all-in-one software that allows performing simple to the most complex partitioning jobs conveniently. The tool incorporates a range of user-friendly features to help you effectively manage your partitions and optimize free space on your OS X drive.

Author Bio: Vishal is a technical writer who covers topic on Mac OS X. He keeps experimenting on his MacBook Pro and share useful information with Mac users. You can catch him on Facebook & Google + for more updates on OS X.